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Receptra Naturals takes pride in producing high-quality, full-spectrum, organic hemp CBD extract products. All of their pure hemp oil is extracted from premium hemp flower that is 100% grown on family farms in Colorado. Growing on family-owned farms gives them an advantage by overseeing quality and grow practices more carefully than larger producers. They only extract from hemp flower, and not the seeds, stems, or stalks which sets them apart from most other CBD brands. Their site has a Rewards Program to earn discounts for future purchases, and the company gives back to Veteran non-profit organizations. From the field to the lab, and to your home, Receptra cares for your quality of life each step of the way.


All Receptra products are made with hemp grown sustainably on family-owned farms in Colorado using organic growing practices. They ensure a full spectrum of hemp’s cannabinoids without using the plant’s seeds, stems or stalks. Each plant is both planted and harvested by hand to ensure only the highest quality hemp is used in their oils.

All of Receptra’s pure cbd oil is extracted in a fully licensed extraction facility. Receptra extracts CBD from the hemp plant using cold ethanol extraction, which is best for preserving terpenes and other cannabinoids. Their expert laboratory technicians take special care to create safe and contaminant free, pure cbd oils. Their CBD oil is always submitted for independent third-party testing to guarantee quality and consistency. You can view their third-party lab test results here.


Receptra has two lines of hemp oil tincture products — active lifestyle and health & wellness. The health and wellness line (the Prime and Plus labels) are geared towards those are who are new to CBD who wish to use it for advanced health and wellness needs. The active lifestyle line (the Pro, Active and Elite labels) is designed for those seeking mental and physical enhancement. They also sell topicals and pet CBD tinctures.

The Receptra Naturals catalog:

Receptra™ Pro CBD Oil

  • Fresh berry – 15mL 1000mg – $79.95
  • Fresh berry – 30mL 2000mg – $149.95
  • Fresh berry – 60mL 4000mg – $249.96 

Receptra™ Prime CBD Oil

  • Fresh berry – 15mL 375mg – $39.95
  • Fresh berry or unflavored – 30mL 750mg – $74.95
  • Fresh berry – 60mL 1500mg – $134.95

Receptra™ Plus CBD Oil

  • Fresh berry – 15mL 750mg – $74.95
  • Fresh berry – 30mL 1500mg – $134.95
  • Fresh berry – 60mL 3000mg – $199.95

Receptra™ Elite CBD Oil

  • Fresh berry – 15mL 500mg – $44.95
  • Fresh berry – 30mL 1000mg – $79.95
  • Fresh berry – 60mL 2000mg – $149.95

Receptra™ Active CBD Oil

  • Fresh berry – 15mL 250mg – $24.95
  • Fresh berry – 30mL 500mg – $44.95
  • Fresh berry – 60mL 1000mg – $79.95

Receptra™ Pet Oil

  • Original – 15mL 250mg – $24.95
  • Original – 30mL 500mg – $44.95
  • Original – 60mL 1000mg – $79.95
  • Plus (Large Breed) – 30mL 750mg – $67.95

Receptra™ Elite – 0% THC

  • Broad spectrum formula – 30mL 1000mg – $89.95

Receptra™ CBD Lip Balm

  • 15mg – $5.95

Receptra™ Body Butter

  • 25oz 400mg – $44.95

Receptra™ Targeted Topical

  • 25oz 400mg – $39.95
  • 5oz 800mg – $68.95

Receptra Targeted Topical™ 0% THC

  • 25oz 400mg – $47.95



Receptra Naturals gets 5 stars from TopCBDBrands.shop because:

  • They provide third-party lab testing results
  • Offer THC free products
  • Offer all natural ingredient products
  • Source hemp from and manufacture products in the USA
  • Offer a 30-day full money back guarantee

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